All of my projects revolve around Deep Learning. I use Pytorch mostly.

Generative Adversarial Networks

  • GANs

    This project is mainly concerned towards implementations of useful architectures of GANs.Currently there are so many. This one contains what I’ve dealt with so far in my research. Although I plan to implement more arch soon. Currently it has:

    • Vanilla GANs
    • Deep Convolutional GANs
    • Wasserstein GANs (Tensorflow and Pytorch)
    • CycleGANs (Unpaired image to image translation) (soon)

Natural Language Processing

This project contains all the related research work in NLP mainly in Language and Seq2Seq modelling (Neural Machine Translation). As always it contains implementation of research papers in this section (mentioned)

Language Modelling

This project contains state of the art language model architectures. It also has implementation of Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification. I consider it as a kind of a breakthrough (Transfer Learning in NLP works !)

Neural Machine Translation

This project concerns with Language Translation, I used Fast Text from FAIR for embeddings although I’m trying to create something universal and add support for more languages

Sentiment Analysis


Computer Vision

Object Detection


Capsule Networks

Neural Style Transfer

Sequence Modelling


Reinforcement Learning


This section is still under ‘work-in-progress’ . Please go to Github Profile for more extended info.